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How can I tell if I’m Awake?

June 19, 2014

By Aruna Byers

Our True Self, the consciousness which is the source of our existence, is enlightened. That enlightened consciousness exists within and without of every form in the universe, including the body you consider to be yours. Nothing is separate from it, even though we cannot perceive this with our human senses. Within this context, you (consciousness itself) are already enlightened. But your ego/mind is not, and it is dreaming.

Regular Unawakened State
This dreaming ego/mind sees itself to be in charge of the persona (body + mind + story), called “you,” and believes that to be an individual, separate and distinct from everything else perceived by your body’s senses. It considers you and your body to be the main character in a story which revolves around itself. This persona anchors its story in a mind fabrication called time—a past to present to future, linear progression of multiple lives. It’s like a documentary film, “The history of you!” It is projected by your mind, which assembles this film from all the bits of information taken in through multiple senses, all in the body’s current incarnation. Even though the film seems to have a historical progression it’s all just a “story,” fabricated from the body’s mental assumptions and beliefs, all of which have been formed from those perceived experiences.

Continuous Mind Chatter
Fragments of this story, and the imaginary predictions about the body’s future as a result of this data from the film is then continuously projected over and over again  as the “factual” content of the body’s experience, and that is what becomes the stream of constant mind chatter most of us carry around in our heads. Further more, the memories of “the story of you” are merely the substance of a trance into which you have placed yourself, in order to have a “life.”  Breaking free of this trance is the game your individual soul chooses to play lifetime after lifetime until you (consciousness) decide that its time to discard the dream by realizing that this individual identity is not who and what you really are.

The game is very easy to win. All you need do is entertain the realization that the mind does not have a clue about your true identity, and that it is pretending to be you when, in fact, you are so much more than the mind could possibly imagine. The dream “you” does not exist, and never did, therefore it is neither asleep nor awake. A spiritual awakening is what happens when the dream ends because you have ceased to assume that the fabricated you exists.

When you know, without a doubt, that what you are is pure consciousness, not the body or the personal story, and are no longer interested in anything that the mind has to say— you are awake.  However, if you have decided that you are awake because of a spiritual experience the body/mind has had, and that the mind continues to recall for you, you are not awake. The determining factor is how you relate to your thoughts. If you are identified with them the dream continues, no matter how many spiritual experiences you might have.

Spiritual Moments
The purpose of any spiritual realization (great or small), is to reveal the truth of who you are so you can completely let go of the dream. If you continue to identify yourself as the person that is the star of your dream after such an experience, you have missed an awakening opportunity. This is how we can have numerous awakening experiences and still not be awake. Every time there is a direct experience of who we really are, it is our True Self offering us an opportunity to awaken, but it is up to us to get the “ah-ha” from it, and henceforth choose to ignore what is false. Otherwise we will need yet another occurrence to help us awaken.

Not a Belief
Reading or hearing this information and proceeding to adopt it as a belief does not result in being awake. In the awakened condition there are no beliefs, just Presence, where your True Self is no longer overshadowed by ego’s thoughts.

The Awakened Condition
Once committed to being awake you will no longer be interested in paying attention to the thoughts in your head, or interested in thinking about what is happening to the body or the world as though you are the one responsible for any of it. You will no longer hesitate before speaking or acting in order to compose or censor your words and behavior because, with ego out of the driver’s seat, your True Self will be expressing through the body appropriately for whatever is needed at any given moment. Your True Self, far wiser than the fabricated ego mind could ever be, has the whole picture. Your True Self will respond to “what is” in the moment, always in present time, you only need to vigilantly choose the ego out of existence.  You will not have any interest in worrying, instead you will respond to what life brings in a spontaneous way.

When fully awake you will feel truly liberated and alive, peaceful and happy in all circumstances. You will be filled with love and compassion for all that is, neither judging yourself nor others. You will feel all the emotions that appear, but not be subjected to their effects, letting the energy move through the body so it can be released. This release will help to deepen your awakening into emptiness. The body will continue to live in the world, functioning in a way that appears similar to how it did prior to awakening, but there will no longer be any personal identification with the world or the body. This way of being is the awakened condition.

How can I tell if I’m Awake is an excerpt of The Spiritual Awakening Handbook, Aruna’s new book in progress.

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Also by Aruna:

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About the author: Aruna (Rea) Byers is an awakening coach. She was one of the lucky ones who awakened with the grace of Papaji. Before a calling led her to India to see him, she was traveling the world, teaching personal development workshops, facilitating transformational psychotherapy sessions, and channeling the energy and wisdom of Ascended Master Saint Germain and other members of the spiritual hierarchy. Aruna and her husband, Giaccomo Vottero, moved to Tokyo a few weeks following the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 3.11.2011. For more information about Aruna and the services she offers go to and
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