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Who Is Disturbed?

October 16, 2013

By Aruna Byers

Every time we find ourselves disturbed by something happening in or to our body, or our world, there is an “I” wanting life to be different at that moment, than it actually is. This “I” has very specific likes and dislikes, and wants life to fit into its preferred outcomes. This “I” is ego, both at the same time the pursuer of new adventures and, the destroyer of whatever joy these new adventures can bring.

Ego is operational 24/7, streaming thoughts into our head that fantasize about what has happened in the body’s past, and what it wants and does not want in the body’s present and future. It feeds us these thoughts in words, pictures, dreams, and physical reactions. This input might be meaningful if it had any basis in truth, but it doesn’t know truth and never will, so it simply assumes and complains and offers us “a better idea.”

When we go through life with ego’s guidance leading the way, we find ourselves time and again lost, stuck and unhappy with our results. To ego nothing is ever “good enough.” Ego wants perfection, bigger, better and more of what it considers “good,” and none of what it considers “bad.” But life is not consistently one way or another, so as long as we have an ego controlling our emotional balance we will find ourselves in a cycle of suffering.

The good news is that a spiritual awakening can end this cycle once and for all—forever! By realizing that we are not the ego persona our mind would have us pretend to be, we can experience life as our True Self, the quiet, divine consciousness that is our source of existence. Our True Self is not disturbed by anything. We remain still, at peace and enjoy bliss, underlying everything that happens to the body or the body’s environment. We do not judge what our source has created for us to experience, so we have no complaints should the body go through some discomfort. And since we know that as consciousness we are not limited to a physical body, even death does not disturb us. We observe what is happening but neither resists change nor desire anything be different. We know that everything in creation has a positive purpose, even if the body/mind perceives some particular creation to be horrifying. This is the awakened condition.

All reactions to life based on mental judgments are not coming from True Self. A key part of the deepening process that follows an awakening is recognizing that all emotional reactions come from ego, and observing our reactions (and any thoughts that arise) without judging the situation, those responsible for triggering the reaction, or yourself for reacting. By inquiring within, “who is disturbed by this? and, “can I remain still and judgment free in this situation?”, you will simply feel the feelings that appear and they will quickly disappear. Enjoy the process, it is a gift that will take you to inner stillness.

Who is Disturbed? was originally published in the Awakening Coach Newsletter and is reposted with permission.

This article was originally posted on Aruna’s blog and is reposted with permission. – See more at:
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About the author: Aruna (Rea) Byers is an awakening coach. She was one of the lucky ones who awakened with the grace of Papaji. Before a calling led her to India to see him, she was traveling the world, teaching personal development workshops, facilitating transformational psychotherapy sessions, and channeling the energy and wisdom of Ascended Master Saint Germain and other members of the spiritual hierarchy. Aruna and her husband, Giaccomo Vottero, moved to Tokyo a few weeks following the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 3.11.2011. For more information about Aruna and the services she offers go to and
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