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Opening Up

November 15, 2012

By Jacinta Hin

When we open our heart we connect with our truth, but also with our vulnerability. Opening up is risky. We may not like what we find, or we may feel that our heart’s desire is beyond our capability. People around us may not respond well to our revelations. We may be confronted with pain and the wounds of our past.

It takes courage to open up, to peel away the layers of protection that have kept our truths hidden for so long. It takes even more courage to stay open, accept the consequences, and begin the real work of making changes.

But if we keep our heart open and stay committed to the path of change, however painful that sometimes may be, we might just find our way to a more fulfilling, authentic way of being.

Just as a flower simply surrenders to the call of nature, and emerges flowering from the safety of the bud, our heart too wants to open up and reveal itself. We just have to let it go its natural way.

This is, of course, easier said than done.

It is not always clear what it is that we are actually opening up to. Do we need to work our way through “stuff” before the real message comes through? Should we act immediately, or take our time to digest and process what we find? And when is open open enough?  What about our right to be settled, safe and shielded? What of the pain we might inflict on others if we follow our heart into the unknown?

In the end, however, matters of the heart are not up for intellectual debate. Once the heart has spoken, there is really no way back. At some point we must listen and respond to its urging.

It is during transition, the period when we are changing and transforming, that we learn how to open our heart.  If we can maintain this beyond the transition, it will keep us connected to the new choices we have made, and help us stay true to who we really are.


About the author: Jacinta Hin was born in the Netherlands and has been living in Tokyo, Japan, since 1989. Her professional background is in human resources, career management and coaching. She is passionate about helping people, herself included, discover new perspectives of possibility, move to embracing and working with their transitions, and designing and realizing changes aligned with who they truly are and what they truly want from their lives.
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